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Lamps Buying Guide: Seven Elements in Lighting Selection Should Be Considered Posted by : admin / Posted on : Oct 14, 2019

When “light decoration, heavy decoration” is more and more mentioned, the decorations in the home are more and more important, especially in the home, which needs to be considered in the process of purchase. Quite a lot. Let's take a look together.

Factors to consider when purchasing lamps

1. Choose a home market where consumer satisfaction or after-sales service can be trusted. 2, to shop around, for the same style, the same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.

3. The shape of modern lamps is antique, innovative and practical. Large chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, etc. are all developed according to the 18th century court lamps. These lamps are suitable for social occasions with large space. Modern luminaires with unique shapes, such as various spotlights and bull's-eye lights, are all innovative lamps. The usual daylight, writing desk lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc. are all traditional lamps. The shape of these three types of lamps should be pursued as much as possible in the overall selection.

4, style should choose lamps according to their artistic taste and room conditions. Families with living rooms can use some of the more fashionable lights in the living room, such as trigeminal chandeliers, floral wall lamps, multi-section rotating floor lamps and so on. Households with tight housing should not be fitted with too stylish lighting, which will increase the crowding. A room with a height of less than 2.8 meters is not suitable for chandeliers. Only ceiling lamps can be installed to make the room look taller.

5, the color of the color lamps must obey the color of the entire room. In order not to damage the overall color design of the room, we must pay attention to the lampshade of the lamp, the color of the shell is coordinated with the color of the wall, furniture and curtains.

6. The name, specification, quantity, price and amount of the tile must be indicated on the invoice and contract.

7. Know the name, address, contact person and telephone number of the organizer and manufacturer so that the quality problem can be solved in time.

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