How does the "island structure" of GH-AO IP65 waterproof lamps affect light dispersion?

In the world of lighting technology, GH-AO IP65 waterproof lamps have won wide attention for their outstanding performance and unique design. Among them, the "island structure" in the PC material diffuser used inside the lamp has brought a revolutionary improvement to the light dispersion effect.

The term "island structure" comes from the poor compatibility of two polymers, which form a heterogeneous system after blending, just like small islands scattered in the ocean. In GH-AO IP65 waterproof lamps, this structure is cleverly applied to PC material diffusers and becomes the key to light dispersion.

PC material diffusers are one of the core components of lamps. They undertake the important task of evenly diffusing the light emitted by the light source to the surrounding environment. The existence of the "island structure" makes the light undergo subtle changes again and again during the diffusion process.

Imagine that when light passes through the PC material diffuser, it encounters countless "islands" formed by light diffusers. These "islands" are like tiny mirrors, reflecting and refracting light. Due to the different refractive indices of light diffusers and PC resins, the light undergoes complex physical changes at the interface between them. After multiple reflections and refractions, the light is evenly dispersed in all directions, forming a soft and uniform lighting effect.

The cleverness of the "island structure" is that it can not only achieve uniform dispersion of light, but also effectively avoid the generation of glare and shadows. In traditional lamps, due to the direct and reflected light sources, dazzling glare and obvious shadows are often generated, which brings discomfort to people's vision. The "island structure" in the GH-AO IP65 waterproof lamps, through multiple reflections and refractions of light, softly disperses the light into the surrounding environment, reduces the generation of glare and shadows, and makes the lighting more comfortable and warm.

In addition, the "island structure" can also improve the waterproof performance of the lamp. Since the "islands" in the PC material diffuser can effectively block the entry of moisture and dust, the GH-AO IP65 waterproof lamp can maintain a stable lighting effect even in a humid environment.

Combined with the above, it can be obtained that the "island structure" in the GH-AO IP65 waterproof lamp has brought a revolutionary improvement to the dispersion of light through its unique physical properties and ingenious design. It not only achieves uniform light dispersion and comfortable lighting, but also improves the waterproof performance and service life of the lamp. In the future lighting field, the "island structure" will undoubtedly play a more important role.

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