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GH-G IP65 Led Triproof light


1. Bicolourable extrusion process, PC end cap, PC with light diffusion agent body.
2. End cap uses heat-induced wire welding,to fasten sealing and waterproof effect.
3. Outside wiring by quickly cable gland.
4. Waterproof rate IP65.


Warehouse, Metro , Garage, Tunnel Corrdor, Store, Supermarket.etc.


Product Description

Code Input Voltage Output power LED CCT CRI Luminous flux  IP Rating Dimensions mm
GH106G 220-240V  50/60HZ 10W 2835 4000K ≥80 800 65 550 62 38
GH106G 220-240V  50/60HZ 18W 2835 4000K ≥80 1500 65 550 62 38
GH112G 220-240V  50/60HZ 20W 2835 4000K ≥80 1600 65 1150 62 38
GH112G 220-240V  50/60HZ 36W 2835 4000K ≥80 3000 65 1150 62 38
GH115G 220-240V  50/60HZ 24W 2835 4000K ≥80 2000 65 1450 62 38
GH115G 220-240V  50/60HZ 48W 2835 4000K ≥80 4200 65 1450 62 38

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