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Brass Air Fitting

Our Brass Air Fitting robust brass material, this fitting ensures steadfast performance, enduring the rigors of continuous airflow with unmatched resilience.
With options for both male and nozzle connections, our fitting offers unparalleled flexibility in system design, facilitating optimal airflow management tailored to your specific needs. The round head code design further streamlines installation, guaranteeing a snug fit and dependable operation.
Designed specifically for pipe parts, our fitting boasts male threading and a wide range of sizes from 1/8"x6mm to 3/4"x27mm, accommodating diverse piping requirements with ease. Whether for intricate installations or large-scale projects, our fitting delivers unmatched adaptability and performance.


Product Description


brass air fitting




Pipe part




1/8"x6mm - 3/4"x27mm



Head Code


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In Zhangqi town , Cixi, China, bordering east and famous Beilun port, west to the world’s longest Hangzhou Bay Bridge, is connected with the sea and air transportation is convenient. Ningbo Fenghua Lamp Co.,Ltd is professional Brass Air Fitting manufacturers and Brass Air Fitting suppliers in China. FengHua lighting have owned R&D team, complete production line and strict quality control system and sales team. For customer’s requirements, company is certificated by ISO9001 and ISO14001. All of our products have been approved by CE, CB ,SAA, etc. Company adhering to the“dedicated, win-win beyond” as operation policy, hope to go green and environmental lighting in future is our goals, Fenghua, Light your life.


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